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 Most frustrating game you've ever played.

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PostSubject: Most frustrating game you've ever played.   Sun Jul 27, 2008 1:54 am

I thought it'd be fun to see what people consider to be their most frustrating they've played and why. The most frustrating game I've ever played is Call of Duty 4 online. Awesome game but it's just ravaged by campers, glitchers, and homo's who use the rocket and grenade launcher. Not only that it's full of immature little kids and grown men and also those tards who think they're smart and original with clan tags like KKK, Nazi, and swear words. God some people shouldn't be able to breathe...

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Lost Vikings

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PostSubject: Re: Most frustrating game you've ever played.   Fri Aug 01, 2008 2:51 pm

Honestly, I have to agree... Call of Duty 4 for the same reasons as online but also for some campaign issues.
Though it's a fun campaign, there are a few parts in the game where you just want to quit or give up because of ridiculous programing.
Even when the game isn't set on veteran status - which is a bitch in hallways - the unlimited guys at certain parts is annoying as hell.
When you're about to catch Al-asad and there's the helicopter circling which somehow rotates around 40 or so guys on the gunner, thats great, really... I like when the only way to win is not by killing its guys, but making a maddash which is retarded.
Even other parts of the game such as when you rescue the people in the end of the first act, unlimited guys on the roofs. lame.
Now add that to the fact that at some checkpoints guys won't even spawn in the same place or that their will randomly be more, it's hard to come up with any real strategy to pass a checkpoint.
& then when you clear a room and you're all like "Fuck yeah I'm sick" there's that one guy behind ya in last stand (happens on line too) that kills ya because your teammates are useless and cant finish him off.
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Most frustrating game you've ever played.
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