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 New Dashboard: "You don't have to use it"

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PostSubject: New Dashboard: "You don't have to use it"   Tue Jul 22, 2008 3:12 am

We here at the ’Focus have openly embraced the "New Xbox Experience". I personally love the idea of a more modern Dashboard, but some of you non adopters loathe the change (some of you hate change period).

For you dissenting folk, there is no need to keep those feathers riled as Major Nelson affirms in his latest podcast that the same Dashboard we use today will in effect be there after the update. All the features seen today will be moved to the new guide level. A simple push of the same button on your controller will provide the only step to get there too. Quotes and more after the jump.

"I know that there are some people that aren't going to like the happy, happy, shiny New Xbox Experience. For whatever reason it's not flipping their bit. "Here's my message to you: you don't actually have to use it. You can never go there, just leave your game disc in and pretty much do everything that you could before but on the Guide level - one button press away in every single game.

"The Dashboard as you know it today, in other words the 'blades'; Games, Live, Media and System," The Major explained, "We've taken those blades and moved them to the Guide. Every single function that you can do today in the Dashboard you are going to be able to do in the New Xbox Experience in the Guide."

This should then make it easy for anyone to bypass the confusion. Nonetheless, if you decide to come out from beneath the shell, a bright and beautiful world may open up
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New Dashboard: "You don't have to use it"
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