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 Impressions: Bayonetta

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PostSubject: Impressions: Bayonetta   Tue Jul 22, 2008 12:23 am

There's a lot of attention being placed on Sega's recent partnership with Platinum Games, and for good reason too. Platinum Games comes from the ashes of former Capcom devs Clover Studios, which met an untimely death after the lackluster sales of its critically acclaimed Okami. With a resume that includes games like Resident Evil and Devil May Cry, Platinum Games has a strong legacy to live up to.

So what did we think about their first PS3 game, Bayonetta? It looked strangely familiar -- probably because it's from Hideki Kamiya, the creator of the original Devil May Cry. His new creation looks almost like a carbon copy of the recently released DMC4. In fact, the engine and textures look identical, especially with the way the game renders light and particle effects. (We wouldn't be surprised if Kamiya "borrowed" some tech and assets from Capcom before he left.)

The gameplay looks rather similar too, as its focus is on kicking ass in the most stylish way possible. We have no complaints, but seeing angel-esque characters circle around the main character, as she dishes out combos had us recoiling in a bit of rather recent nostalgia (DMC4 released earlier this year. You also fought angel-like enemies in that game).

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Impressions: Bayonetta
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