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 Too Human being released on Auguest Europe

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PostSubject: Too Human being released on Auguest Europe   Fri Aug 01, 2008 4:03 pm

Today, Microsoft announced that Too Human will be released on 29th August in Europe. The game has been under torturous development at Silicon Knights, captained by Denis Dyack, the man behind such questionable marketing moves as calling out the entire NeoGAF community on numerous occasions.

Denis & co. have had to put up with a tenaciously high amount of pressure from fans to deliver following Silicon Knights' predigree. Initial impressions from preview builds have been fairly mixed, but the demo reached number seven in the live top ten last week so perhaps the general gaming community and fanboys are more forgiving than the press, forum dwellers and the "hardcore".
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Too Human being released on Auguest Europe
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