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 Thoughts on E3

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PostSubject: Thoughts on E3   Fri Jul 18, 2008 1:55 am

I thought it was pretty good, I loved the whole Motion Plus 1.1 I thought that was awesome. At the time all I was thinking was how the new Zelda game is gonna work with that new motion control. This really should bring the experience of Wii to a whole new level. But of coarse it will take some time for companies to take advantage of this new control.

Animal Crossing, I'm excited for that, animal crossing games are always addicting. But sadly the one for Wii doesn't look that different, literally. the visuals aren't that impressive. It looks almost like the same game, just with a few new features.

That snow boarding game that Ubisoft is creating actually looked pretty impressive. Finally that flat board will become useful and fun now with games like this, Skate it, and Wii music.(drums)

But at the Conference they should of shown some footage of Mad World and The Conduit , to balance out the games. They didn't show any M rated games. the show did feel a little unbalanced.

I was disappointed how they haven't shown any footage for Daister Day of Crisis!!! and Fatal Frame!! and the new Zelda game. But they might be saving that (espically for the new zelda since the motion plus hasn't even come out yet..) for another show, possibly the Tokyo game show or next E3.

I was shocked about a GTA game going to the DS! I guess the rumors about a new Kid Irocus game was false possibly. another guitar hero game for DS, that should be great. overall I thought the show was just 'good' well it was better than last years. but

At least now nintendo has voice communication, and better motion control.

I'll just list out a few Wii games that are worth checking out

The Conduit
Warioland Shake it!
Mad World
Animal Crossing City Folk
Wii music
Daister Day of Crisis
Wii Sports Resort
De Blob
Skate It

Later in the Future

New Zelda
Sequel to New Super Mario Bros(DS)
Sequel to Mario Galaxy
Pikimin 3
Kid Icarus

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PostSubject: Re: Thoughts on E3   Fri Jul 18, 2008 2:23 am

I was really impressed with the little Nintendo did show. I thought Animal Crossing looked awesome and the inviting your friends to your village and the voice chat made it even greater. The snowboarding thing I looks pretty fun but can get boring fairly quickly and I love Wii Music. People on Game Trailers shit all over it for some reason I think it's awesome. It looks like you'll have more fun and laughs with it than Guitar Hero or Rock band.

As for the DS the only thing that I find cool and exciting about it is GTA. Guitar Hero for the DS to me isn't really that great. But that's just me.

I was really upset that they didn't show anything from Mad World. I really wanted to see more than the little snippets that they keep showing us. It was a disappointing conference for me.
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Thoughts on E3
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